Some things take time.

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Some things take time.

Last week, a part of a book that I was reading caught my attention. It was about people being too optimistic when making decisions for important stuff in their lives. They think that their plans will happen in shorter time periods and base their expectations on the timing in their minds – which usually cause disappointments. I’ve noticed that I am a lot like this and I expect my plans to realize in the very near future. The more I make my plan perfectly, the less time I grant it to happen. But it is not how things work.

Success stories I hear from people, expectations of close friends and family from me, and my ego trying to prove itself to everyone can cause this situation of me trying to hurry about my plans.

I got enlightened with my pup Coco a lot. I try to mention the enlightenment coming through her time to time in my blog posts.

Since she joined the family, I watched many videos and read loads on pup training – potty, barking, crate training etc. All the sources were talking about the same thing; follow training steps but give some time. During this one year being with Coco, I had lots of miserable moments thinking that I won’t be able to succeed this and I won’t be able to train Coco. However, I never stopped and always tried to follow the instructions. Now, after almost a year, I realized that it is happening. She learned almost everything that I was trying to teach her through this year. It was like a miracle but it happened:)

This made me think of the phrase “give it some time”. I realized that the time mentioned in that phrase wasn’t as short as I was thinking of. It is much longer than I was expecting. It showed me that when you have a solid plan, you just have to take the right steps and wait for it to happen and not to give up when it doesn’t happen at your timing.

Have a great new year!

Love x

Relationships as Healers

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Relationships are the most important and clear teachers. They are the teachers mirroring the parts that needs healing the most.

Most of us get angry to our partners for getting triggered, but how about using these triggers to find the root of this trigger and start healing.

I just read about this simple practice to how to find the roots of our triggers.

Let’s work with an example. When I get hurt because I feel like my my partner looks at other woman;

1. State the trigger and how it makes you feel

You look at other woman and it makes me feel insecure.

2. Replace “you” your partner with “I”

I look at other women and it makes me feel insecure.

3. Does this feels right to you and make sense?

Sometimes it is really you partner being hurtful, but this is a good way to know the difference.

4. If you decide that the trigger is about your shadows, write the sentence to your journal and start working on that. Focus on the “I” word.

5. Try to fing the root by finding the accurate word for the trigger. In this example it can be “ugly” or “not being good enough”.

It works very good on me. Maybe you can give it a go.

Stay with Love xx

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Svadhyaya – Studying of the Self

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I am a great believer of the soul and that we have an infinite divine being inside us. I can feel it during my meditations and when I can “live the moment” just as it is described in Power of Now written by Echart Tolle (highly recommended if you haven’t read it yet). There is a power inside, which has the wisdom and knowledge of the universe.

Even though I always felt that there was a power inside me, I couldn’t define what it is before I bumped to this book. My best friend recommended me to read the book and I started reading it one year ago. However, the knowledge only can come to you when you are ready and when you demand to receive it. Otherwise, even if you have the knowledge on the tip of your nose for a long time, you won’t be able to get it in.

So, this book was just there for a year. I started reading it and actually loved it, but I was always finding excuses not to finish it. I am a fast reader and the book is not that long but I couldn’t finish it for a year. I postponed reading it or found other books to read which were more “important” than that one. After a while, I decided to read the book and while reading, tears were coming from my eyes, because I felt that these principles were the ones that I was feeling the whole time but I couldn’t find the words to describe. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND everyone to read this book and implement these principles to their lives – but I also know that even if I say it a hundred times, only the ones who are ready to receive this knowledge will get the book and read. AND ofc, only the ones who are ready, will get the correct information after reading, among all the others who read the book. The name of the book is:

“Omni Reveals the Four Principles of Creation” – by John Payne

If you like reading such books, another book that I can highly recommend would be:

Into the Magic Shop: A Neurosurgeon’s Quest to Discover the Mysteries of the Brain and the Secrets of the Heart – by James R. Doty MD

which is telling these principles through a brain surgent’s perspective. This book would be better for people who deem themselves as realistic.


Definition – What does Svadhyaya mean?

Svadhyaya is a Sanskrit word that is used in Hinduism to signify the study of one’s self. The term comes from the Sanskrit roots sva, meaning “self” or “own,” and adhyaya, meaning “lesson,” “reading” or “lecture.” It can also be interpreted as coming from the root dyhai, which means “meditate” or “contemplate.” Both interpretations connote a close study of the self.

Practicing yoga is one means of engaging in svadhyaya, as described in “The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.”


Me, as a yoga instructor and a student, I always read and study on yoga. Svadhyaya is very important but I think finding the right books and articles to read is the most difficult part of Svadhyaya.

I hope this post would be useful for you to decide on what to read and to connect your divine selves.


Stay Connected.

Being a Hugger

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What do you think about giving or receiving hugs?

I love it TBH.

It breaks all the distances and makes me feel like I am close to the person even if I just met him/her.

Especially in big cities with diverse nationalities, people are struggling to find a way to greet each other. Should we kiss one, twice or is just a handshake more than enough, or is it too distanced and cold? Of course, it highly depends on the occasion and where you meet that person. If we are talking about a business meeting there is no contradiction there and just a handshake will be enough and proper. However, when I think about the people we meet in our personal life such as friends of friends or a random person you meet in a pub or in an art gallery, I think we can be open for a hug.

The Sanskrit word Namaste literally means “I bow to you”. It is a greeting in the meaning that I am greeting your Divine Soul and Being.

When I greet someone and give them a hug, I feel like I am greeting their inner beings and I feel closer and more comfortable. I feel like I am spreading the energy of acceptance and love. And I see they smile and start catching my eye and building eye-contact more easily.

Even if you feel more distant and not feeling comfortable to give or receive a hug with everyone, you can start implementing this in your life with your close friends or family. You will see how surprised they will get and they will smile as a reflex. I even experienced people who start complimenting right after receiving a hug. It shows me that this makes them feel good in some way.

Only if you feel good you can make people feel good.


Stay Connected.

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New Moon and the Menstruation Cycle

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Today is the new moon! 7th of December.

I love tracking the phases of the moon. I feel connected to the earth and nature by this.

Back in the day, women were having their periods in sync with the moon. The new moon meant the beginning of the menstruation cycle. Over years, the weaker our relationship has become with nature and so our menstruation cycles lost the sync with the moon.

After I learned this info, I started giving great importance to the moon and its phases and I try to feel the connection. For this, I am doing special meditations on the new moon and full moon dates, I pray on my intention and turning the phases to a ritual.

On the new moon, we can set new intentions and we can start something or plant the seeds to the universe. We can pray for new love, finding a job, opening up a business, starting a hobby or learning a language.

Controversary to the new moon ritual, on the full moon, we can finish what we have started or we can initiate on the unnecessary ties to get cut. For example, we can decide to outgrow a habit or end a romantic relationship, if they are not serving us well anymore.

The more we get connected to the moon, the more we can feel the connection with our body, mind and the mother nature.


  1. burn sage, clean the energy of your body and the space you live in
  2. light a candle
  3. set your intentions
  4. write them to a paper
  5. meditate
  6. repeat them as much as it is needed until the full moon
  7. burn the paper with a ritual on the full moon

Speaking of the mother nature, I want to recommend you a song that I love to listen while doing my rituals and when I want to feel the connection with nature.

Hope you enjoy 🙂

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Living With Exaggeration

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I was always an overreacter, exaggerator, and a dramatic person all my life. Come on I am a Gemini 🙂

When I was a kid, my parents tried to make me “normal” and a calmer person. during my high school and university years, my friends or boyfriends were telling me to slow down and be “normal”. What is normal and why did have to I suppress myself?

After long years, when I look back, I realize that I had lots of friends and I collected lots of different memories compared to those people who were holding themselves back. During those times, I was judging myself and trying to act calmer and more stable. However, when I think about those days, I regret that I listened to the others and gave them great importance or felt guilty.

I feel like doing the things I love and want things over the top, isn’t something bad.

If you like to learn about something, anything, read it until your eyes get melted. If you feel like getting dressed up on a casual day, do it. Or if you feel like laughing loud, crying and shouting, do it all.

Love with passion. Even if your own lover finds your love “too much”, don’t hold yourself back from that feeling. Feeling something is good, and it needs encouragement.

And wear sun glasses on the cloudy days😏😎

Stay with Love x

Tongue Cleaning – Jiva Sodhana

English, Yoga

Today, I want to write about the most important device that has been invented. THE TONGUE SCRAPER.

It really changed my life.

For the ones who don’t have an idea of what it is; it is a device made from silver, copper or metal (or plastic – which is not preferred) to clean the tongue from the bacteria piles up on the back of your tongue during your night sleep.

After the sunset, our bodies start to a cleaning process (getting rid of the toxins) which continues until the sunrise. We can think the white plaque on our tongue as the garbage of our body. If we don’t scrape it in the morning, we will swallow it – so we will swallow back the garbage that our body prepared by working all night long. We don’t want that do we???


We have to do the tongue cleaning every morning right after we wake up even before brushing the teeth. You will see a white or yellow bacteria layer will come off with the tongue scraper.


  1. Feeling refreshed
  2. Fresh breath !!! (no more bad breath – ofc if you don’t have a tooth problem or another disease causing the bad smell)
  3. Feeling more energetic because it has an acupressure effect
  4. Not collecting the toxins in your body
  5. Very easy

Cleaning the tongue will make you feel so refreshed and ready to start the day more energetic. You wouldn’t be collecting the toxins in your body and you will be removing the toxins by this short and easy process.

First, it might cause a gag reflex if you are not used to doing it, but after a while, you will see how you get used to it and how it becomes the main habit in your life.


In the UK, you can find it in Planet Organic. I was using that metal one when I was living in London. Now I am using the copper one, which is better for yogic lifestyle since metal has a dominant frequency and using metal in our bodies would affect the frequency level of our bodies.

In Turkey, I found this copper one in

Or there are lots of plastic ones in the pharmacies (better than not using)

Please let me know when you start using the tongue scraper and when you feel the effects.

Stay Connected xx




The Resonance Principle and Coco the Toy-poodle

Coconut the Toy-Poodle, English

In the universe, every single thing, thought, person, subject and energy have a resonance. Whether we do or do not feel it, we attract and/or repulse the situations and people surrounding us in accordance with our resonance frequency.

And as you might know, it is said that the dogs are like their owners. As a dog owner, I was thinking about this a lot. But the question, digging my mind, is; do we choose our dogs at the same resonance frequency or do their personalities form in line with our behaviors towards them?

I thought on this a lot and not being sure, I think we choose the dog that best goes along with our resonance – and so is similar to our frequency level.

Coco is a toy poodle. She is very playful and clever but also very demanding. She is an attention seeker and she barks a lot. It won’t be fair to say that she is a high maintenance dog but I can definitely say that she needs caring a lot. As a dog observer and researcher, I see that the most important task with a dog is to teach him/her how to communicate. When they learn how to show their needs, life becomes an easy place 🙂

The needs of a dog and a human are very similar. We seek love, stability, trust, food, exercise, and communication. I have a long way with Coco – to teach her how to communicate without barking this much and not to steal my socks or glasses to get my attention, waiting when you have to and trusting someone.

Even if I chose Coco subconsciously by her resonance or she turned out to be in this personality through my behaviors, observing yourself on another being is very enlightening if you see what is shown and accept receiving the knowledge.

I love life with a dog better. It is difficult but totally worth it.


Being a “Yes Man!” – Action is better than inaction

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Especially after I have broken my arm and turned back to Istanbul from London, I became a “No Man”. By being a No Man, I mean I was rejecting almost every plan made by friends, wasn’t calling my old friends and even not picking up their calls. I was delaying going for a walk, starting to eat well and even going shopping. I know it sounds like I was in depression – and maybe I was 🙂

Anyway, after almost a year I started to get social again and I realized that when I need something from someone, I was so ashamed to ask because I was always thinking that they would reject me. even though the things I wanted to ask were nothing big, such as wanting to talk to them when I need or meeting a friend when I know they are living at the other side of the city and it would be difficult for them to come blah blah. When I compared my former friendships with the ones consisting of these kinds of concerns, I realized that things have to change! I started to feel alive again and I promised myself that I will accept the demands of my friends and be open-hearted.  After I decided this, one day, I was checking out Netflix and the film “Yes Man!” popped out on the screen. I really love Jim Carrey so I said, why not and clicked play. I didn’t know what it was about before watching it. But after watching, I figured that it was the film that I had to watch at that exact moment!! For my readers who haven’t watched the film yet; the film is about a man, who is grumpy and never get involved in any plans etc. One day, he bumps into a friend and joins the Yes Man! meeting and this new rule changed his whole life. Since the film was so in line with my new policy, I’ve started implementing the “Yes Man!” rule in my life. Of course, I am not a success as Jim Carrey was in the film, but I am somewhere close 🙂

I feel so much better saying yes rather than no. It became such a relief and I am feeling that I am being open to the opportunities. And by rejecting the calls and offers, I realized that I was blocking the energy to flow through me!

Saying no is a defense mechanism found by the ego. Ego doesn’t like to fail. However, the divine self can only get developed and feel satisfied by living and giving everything a chance.

As it is well stated in Bhagavat Gita:

Chapter 3: Karma-yoga

niyatam kuru karma tvam
karma jyayo hy akarmanah
sarira-yatrapi ca te
na prasiddhyed akarmanah
Perform your prescribed duty, for action, is better than inaction. A man cannot even maintain his physical body without work.
Stay Connected xx


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WhatsApp Image 2018-09-14 at 14.01.30.jpeg


🐮Cow face pose 💚I love this pose because it is a great heart opener. Since I have broken my left arm bone into six pieces, I wasn’t able to practice this pose for a long time.
💪🏻Nowadays, I started working on that, and look – finally, I got my results.
👁The most important thing is that you have to focus on your nipples when trying this pose. You can close your eyes and try to feel the female energy coming through your left nipple from the cosmos and receiving the male energy from your right nipple.
☯️I love focusing on the male and female energy when practicing yoga asanas because it gives you a real awareness of what kind of energy you are receiving from the universe when you are in the pose.
💚Gamukhasana works on Anahata chakra which enables us to channel the compassion and divine love. .
👀Physically, this asana helps our breast muscles to work and prevents the boobs to hang low!
🐮İnek başı duruşu
✅Bu asanaya inek başı duruşu denilmesinin sebebi önden bakıldığındaki kolların aldığı şekildir.
✅İnek başı duruşunu uygularken sırtımız dik olmalı ve eller arkadan birbirini tutmalı. Eğer ki eller birbirine değmiyorsa o zaman t-shirtünüzü de tutabilirsiniz. Vücut esnedikçe ve poza alıştıkça eller de birbirine kavuşacaktır. .
💚Bu duruşu yaparken göğüs uçlarına odağımızı getirebiliriz. sol tarafımızdan dişi enerjiyi kozmozdan alırken, sağ taraftan da eril enerjinin akışını hissedebiliriz. İlk olarak bu enerji akışını sıcak, soğuk, daha rafine veya daha yoğun şekillerde hissedebiliriz. Önemli olan, pozun içerisinde yeteri kadar kalmak ve vücudu dinlemeye başlamak. Pozdayken, kalp çakramızın açıldığını hissedip sevgi ve şefkatı evrenden almaya niyet edebiliriz.
👀Fiziksel olarak ise göğüs sarkmalarının önüne geçen bir asana olduğundan kadınların ilgisini çekebilmektedir.