Some things take time.

Coconut the Toy-Poodle, English, Life

Some things take time.

Last week, a part of a book that I was reading caught my attention. It was about people being too optimistic when making decisions for important stuff in their lives. They think that their plans will happen in shorter time periods and base their expectations on the timing in their minds – which usually cause disappointments. I’ve noticed that I am a lot like this and I expect my plans to realize in the very near future. The more I make my plan perfectly, the less time I grant it to happen. But it is not how things work.

Success stories I hear from people, expectations of close friends and family from me, and my ego trying to prove itself to everyone can cause this situation of me trying to hurry about my plans.

I got enlightened with my pup Coco a lot. I try to mention the enlightenment coming through her time to time in my blog posts.

Since she joined the family, I watched many videos and read loads on pup training – potty, barking, crate training etc. All the sources were talking about the same thing; follow training steps but give some time. During this one year being with Coco, I had lots of miserable moments thinking that I won’t be able to succeed this and I won’t be able to train Coco. However, I never stopped and always tried to follow the instructions. Now, after almost a year, I realized that it is happening. She learned almost everything that I was trying to teach her through this year. It was like a miracle but it happened:)

This made me think of the phrase “give it some time”. I realized that the time mentioned in that phrase wasn’t as short as I was thinking of. It is much longer than I was expecting. It showed me that when you have a solid plan, you just have to take the right steps and wait for it to happen and not to give up when it doesn’t happen at your timing.

Have a great new year!

Love x

The Resonance Principle and Coco the Toy-poodle

Coconut the Toy-Poodle, English

In the universe, every single thing, thought, person, subject and energy have a resonance. Whether we do or do not feel it, we attract and/or repulse the situations and people surrounding us in accordance with our resonance frequency.

And as you might know, it is said that the dogs are like their owners. As a dog owner, I was thinking about this a lot. But the question, digging my mind, is; do we choose our dogs at the same resonance frequency or do their personalities form in line with our behaviors towards them?

I thought on this a lot and not being sure, I think we choose the dog that best goes along with our resonance – and so is similar to our frequency level.

Coco is a toy poodle. She is very playful and clever but also very demanding. She is an attention seeker and she barks a lot. It won’t be fair to say that she is a high maintenance dog but I can definitely say that she needs caring a lot. As a dog observer and researcher, I see that the most important task with a dog is to teach him/her how to communicate. When they learn how to show their needs, life becomes an easy place 🙂

The needs of a dog and a human are very similar. We seek love, stability, trust, food, exercise, and communication. I have a long way with Coco – to teach her how to communicate without barking this much and not to steal my socks or glasses to get my attention, waiting when you have to and trusting someone.

Even if I chose Coco subconsciously by her resonance or she turned out to be in this personality through my behaviors, observing yourself on another being is very enlightening if you see what is shown and accept receiving the knowledge.

I love life with a dog better. It is difficult but totally worth it.


How is it like having a toy-poodle pup?

Coconut the Toy-Poodle

Toy poodles are the cutest creatures of the world. They are playful, loyal, lovely, funny and looks adorable. However there are some facts that every person has to accept before adopting a dog.


Image: Coconut the Toy-Poodle

First of all, all kind of pups needs too much attention and you can’t predict that they know or they are aware of something. Take yourself as a mum/dad to the small fluff. Toy-poodles are very clever, this means they love training. They are very good at focusing and they can understand lots. On the other hand, this leads to a problem of becoming a stubborn pup! They can learn quickly how to use you – and don’t forget that they are prone to bark a lot.

They have to be very well, meaning that you have to be persistent and spare your time to it. They can stay at home alone for long hours however, they want all your attention after you come home. If you are a person with a 9 to 5 job style, then think twice before adopting. Yes, they can wait for you from 9 until 5 but you have to be energetic for your dog after you arrive home, which is very difficult sometimes especially if you are working in a busy and stressful job.

They are jealous and are not very warm to strangers and new dogs. But after they get used to someone, they are very loyal and protective. Despite their small sizes, they can bark enough to scare other big dog breeds :D.

They don’t need too much exercise like big dog breeds, but of course, you have to take them to walk at least twice a day. This is also very important for potty training – they have to go to pee at least 3-4 times a day.

If you still want a pup after considering these facts, toy-poodles are the best breed that a person can own ❤