I was in Indonesia for a week. So, I want to tell you what I did and where I went if you are planning coming to Indonesia for a short time period. I went to Ubud and Lombok and I figured that, even Ubud is a city that you can spend a month in. There are lots to experience and lots of places to go. Since I was in Ubud for 4 days and in Lombok for 3 days, I’ll let you know the places I chose to go. I hope this blog post would help you figuring out where to explore and how to get prepared before coming to this lovely country. Let’s begin!


#1 Clothes from thin fabric

I don’t recommend you to bring any coats, pullovers or hoodies when coming to Bali. It can rain at any time and when you get wet, your clothes never (takes a lot of time) get dry because of the humidity. even if you think you might feel cold time to time, bringing pashminas would work for you (or you can purchase them from here on your first day).

I’d definitely recommend you to bring some long sleeve and long legged (but not skinny) outwear to protect yourself against the mosquito bites in the evening.

Bring your bikinis, dresses and flip flops. I haven’t wore anything else other than flip flops. I wouldn’t recommend you to bring and fancy shoes or even sneakers.

#2 Mosquito spray

You can buy an organic and plant based spray to protect yourself against bug or mosquito bites. It may have lemongrass in it (you can get everything with lemongrass here because it is so common and cheap). And it really worked for me, so I can highly recommend that.

#3 Money exchange

You can bring US dollars with you and exchange them for Indonesian Rupees in airport and in exchange buros. Don’t skip to check the rates and the money you get. You can even try to bargain if you are exchanging a higher amount.

I don’t think you’ll need anything else, bc you’ll have the chance to buy lots of local stuff there. BUT this country is not as cheap as India for sure – keep this in mind.


#1 Rice Terrace

You can visit this place to see the rice fields. There are cute cafes in it, so we had our young coconut drinks in the cafes to rest. I recommend you to check the weather before you go not to caught up to rain.

#2 Coffee Plantation

We took a tour bringing us to rice terrace, coffee plantation and to the waterfalls. In coffee plantation place, we tried swinging and learn the process of coffee plantation. Good to know this much information on coffee.

The swing was also very fun and gives you the opportunity to have the best photos. Our guide was an experienced photographer (because that he was taking photos of people there every single day:))

#3 Waterfalls

When we went to the waterfalls, the weather was rainy so the waterfalls were muddy. If you go when the weather is clear then you can enjoy swimming.

#4 Mozaic Restaurant

This restaurant is highly recommended. You have to choose a tasting menu here – so it can be classified as expensive. We chose 6-meal tasting menu and wine (which they bring different kind with each food). I realised that most of the wines were from Australia – I liked the tastes.

#5 Float Garden

When I first heard about float garden, I thought that it was a cafe but I realised later that it was far more than a cafe. This place is actually a place consisting floating deprivation tanks. I heard about this in Istanbul and I was thinking of trying this.

If you haven’t heard about deprivation tanks like me, I want to explain it to you. This is a water tank (seems like a solarium machine) that you get in, close the lights and its door and  let yourself float on the water. The water is not plain water so it has a high density (mixed with magnesium and salt). You float on it when you let yourself relax.

It is an experience to live bc the words are not enough for me to explain this. It is a duration of meditation. You stop worrying, thinking and just let it be. I thought I would get very scared and feel like I am stuck in the tank but that wasn’t what had happened. I felt extra relaxed and calm after I got out. I wish we had this in Istanbul so I would definitely go there at least once a week to free my mind and to connect with my higher self.

Float tank

#6 Ubud Central

In Ubud central, there are lots of shops and boutiques. I can recommend you to buy some clothes (dresses, pants, etc). But the first fact I can advise is that for you to search and buy high quality fabric and material. When you get the cheaper ones, you think that you did something clever but when you get back to your home and wash them they go too bad. I experienced this when I went to Goa/India, so in Indonesia, I bought less but quality materials.

Other places to visit:

#7 Lotus Temple (walk-in)

#8 Restaurant Locavore (reserve your spot at least 2 months before your trip)

#9 Monkey Forest (walk-in)

#10 Yoga Barn (walk-in available – but be in the studio at least 30 mins earlier than the class time to write your name on the list)

#11 Karsa Spa (reserve your massage at least 2 months before your trip)

Karsa spa


#1 Qunci Villas Hotel

We stayed in Qunci Villas Hotel in Lombok and it was one of the best hotels I have ever been. Me and my sister stayed in a room with a private pool and my parents stayed in the room which have a ocean view. I think both of them were great but for taking photos, our’s is better 🙂

We were always at the hotel and we also liked the staff, environment, food and beverages. This place is Halal – so, no pork is served in the restaurants. But there is alcohol and happy hour (5-7 buy one, get one for free).

Daily beach walks were also great.

Tree pose

My sister attended to a Gili island diving tour and she said that it was the best day of her life. They saw lots of fish and corals. Her group was also had warm and nice people in it.

Please let me know if you visited any other places that you recommend me to visit. I am sure that I’ll come back to Bali again for more – lot’s to discover on food, yoga, massage, meditation and culture.

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