Tongue Cleaning – Jiva Sodhana

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Today, I want to write about the most important device that has been invented. THE TONGUE SCRAPER.

It really changed my life.

For the ones who don’t have an idea of what it is; it is a device made from silver, copper or metal (or plastic – which is not preferred) to clean the tongue from the bacteria piles up on the back of your tongue during your night sleep.

After the sunset, our bodies start to a cleaning process (getting rid of the toxins) which continues until the sunrise. We can think the white plaque on our tongue as the garbage of our body. If we don’t scrape it in the morning, we will swallow it – so we will swallow back the garbage that our body prepared by working all night long. We don’t want that do we???


We have to do the tongue cleaning every morning right after we wake up even before brushing the teeth. You will see a white or yellow bacteria layer will come off with the tongue scraper.


  1. Feeling refreshed
  2. Fresh breath !!! (no more bad breath – ofc if you don’t have a tooth problem or another disease causing the bad smell)
  3. Feeling more energetic because it has an acupressure effect
  4. Not collecting the toxins in your body
  5. Very easy

Cleaning the tongue will make you feel so refreshed and ready to start the day more energetic. You wouldn’t be collecting the toxins in your body and you will be removing the toxins by this short and easy process.

First, it might cause a gag reflex if you are not used to doing it, but after a while, you will see how you get used to it and how it becomes the main habit in your life.


In the UK, you can find it in Planet Organic. I was using that metal one when I was living in London. Now I am using the copper one, which is better for yogic lifestyle since metal has a dominant frequency and using metal in our bodies would affect the frequency level of our bodies.

In Turkey, I found this copper one in

Or there are lots of plastic ones in the pharmacies (better than not using)

Please let me know when you start using the tongue scraper and when you feel the effects.

Stay Connected xx




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