Yogic Nutrition




Nutrition can become a huge concern for the people who are just stepping into the yoga world and new with this philosophy.

Being a vegetarian is a beginning in the yogic nutrition but it is not a must for the beginners. The most important fact in yogic nutrition is to eat with awareness and being conscious about what you consume and what you take into your body – your temple. In everyday life, finding packaged and processed food is very easy when it is compared to finding natural ones. This is where the problems start. What we get into our body is very important because when we take something into our mouths the teeth start digesting the food and saliva helps it. Then the food goes through our gullet and reaches the stomach. After it is digested in the stomach with the enzymes, they go to the intestines and absorbed by the tissue in the intestines. It goes into the cells with all its nutrition and energy. So, when we consume processed food, we consume a processed energy level which is not in harmony with our cells and our body. This turns out to be a problem in digestion and our health.

As I said before, we consume the food with its energy body (prana) and our cells use the nutrition and energy of the food. When we eat meat, we take all the energy of a dead animal (toxins, fear of death etc.). This leads us to consume death and not life, which can make us more aggressive and fearful. While consuming natural and fresh vegetables and fruits gives us life and positive energy.

I tried being a vegan, vegetarian and pescatarian. I do not fit into any of these at the moment because I don’t prefer consuming dairy but sometimes I consume fish in my diet. I don’t prefer to eat too much eggs, but I can’t say that I don’t eat any.

(Vegan: people who don’t consume any animal-based product including honey, leather, eggs and dairy.

Vegetarian: people who don’t eat meat, poultry or fish but consumes dairy and honey.

Pescatarian: people who eat in a vegetarian way but consuming fish and seafood.)

Nutrition is extremely important in a yogic lifestyle. Keep tuned for other nutrition tips!


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